Free Buyers Guide – Download it now


Free Buyers Guide – Download it now

Grid Connected Energy Storage System

grid connected solar power

Solar Grid connected Energy Storage System is a mini Solar power plant that can generate electricity from Solar power and store it for later use. It includes a solar panel array , an Energy management system and a battery bank.

How Does it Work?

Solar Grid connected Energy Storage System converts DC electricity generated by solar panels to AC electricity for grid and load to DC for the battery. The electricity will be provided for load first, and the excessive electricity will be stored in the battery, after the battery is fully charged, the electricity will be fed into the grid. Once the power goes down, the inverter will activate the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) to ensure the energy from the panels and batteries can be used to power the home.

Which Solar Power System Is Right For Your Home?

Small Home

Medium Home

medium house solar energy

Large Home

large house solar energy

Please Note: This diagram is a guide only. Please call Energis on 1300 782 217 to find the right system for your home. Or fill in the email form on this page.

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What Energis Customers Say

"Energis’ professionalism and technical knowledge was the main reason we chose Energis. They system was explained as a way of reducing our energy costs rather than a “sales pitch”. Unlike other reps All my technical questions were well answered. Energis worked hard to meet our tight timeline for the system installation."


Kew East, Doreen

"From the initial enquiry to the installation I cannot fault Aus1Energis. The price was exactly in the region I wanted to pay, the installation was great(no rubbish left around at all), the installers turned up on time and went about the installation in a very professional manner. Thank you Aus1Energis. I would recommend Aus1Energis to anybody looking to install a solar system."

Richard Hubbard, Langwarrin, Victoria

"When the work was complete they left the work area neat and tidy. The Inspector said the panels had been installed in a very professional manner. There was a delay in installation of four days due to bad weather. I was contacted and informed of this prior to the delay."

Frank, Mornington

"Extremely satisfied with the products I purchased. Great set up, and with the price matching, it was at excellent value, in my opinion anyway."

Emmanuel, Doreen

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